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Alumni Salon

Join our monthly salon, an open forum to check in, compare notes, brainstorm ideas. Free. Second Monday of each month – 2 call times.

Teaching the Wheel in Groups

A 3-week online course on facilitating touch events and incorporating the Wheel into the workshops and group events you are offering. This course is the first part of Facilitator Certification training - and can also be taken on its own.

Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitator Certification

Become certified to teach a 2 to 3 day Wheel of Consent® Workshop for the general public. After you complete Teaching the Wheel in Groups, this course continues on to include the Workshop curriculum and how to teach specific parts of it. 4 weeks online, followed by support as you practice teach.

For Professionals

Like a Pro

Teaching the Wheel in Groups

Facilitator Certification

For Practitioners

Sharing the Wheel of Consent

What you can share and what I ask you do and not do. Thank you!

A Tree of Options – what to offer your clients (video)

Offer your clients what they have the skills for.

Principles of Empowerment in Hands-on Session Work (video)

Support your client to become more empowered.

3 Calls on Consent – for practitioners (audio)

A series of 3 calls exploring consent - what it is and isn't.

Sex Work, Healing Work (audio)

What is the overlap of Sex Work and Healing Work?

Learning You Have a Choice (video)

A practice to help your client learn they have a choice about what happens.

Q&A on the G-spot massage (video)

I have a very different take on the G-spot massage.

Notes on Teaching the Wheel (video)

What helps when trying to teach the Wheel of Consent

The Bossy Massage (video)

Nothing happens until you ask for and you get to direct what happens!