Touch and Connection
in the Post-Pandemic World

Ready to open up to more interactions? Or maybe you feel awkward, cautious, tentative, confused, sad, and unsure. Many of us do in this still-fluid-and-evolving quasi-post-vaxx world!

We may need time to re-acclimate back to the "touch-possible" world, no matter how connection-hungry we have been. 

The Wheel of Consent practices have always focused on embodiment and boundaries, pleasure and desire. Now we share with you some of those practices - learning to touch, learning to connect deeply, and learning to negotiate wants and boundaries.

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  • Featuring School of Consent Core team and members of the School of Consent Community
  • 3 Live Zoom panel discussions about reorienting to touch & boundaries, with short demonstrations
  • Recordings available to registered folks afterwards.
  • Each call is focused around a specific Wheel of Consent practice. 
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