Wheel Of Consent Practice Space

Have you attended a Wheel of Consent Workshop and wish to keep practicing?

  • If you have taken at least a 1 day or 6 hour Wheel Of Consent workshop (online or in person)
  • with any of our Certified Facilitators, or Facilitators In Training
  • or you are an alumni of the School's Like A Pro training
  • and would like to keep practicing with a group of other explorers,
  • then this is for you! We build from a foundation of experience with the Wheel.

If you haven’t taken a Wheel Of Consent workshop yet, please check out the Calendar for both online and in-person classes.

The most effective way to deepen your experience of the Wheel Of Consent is to keep practicing!

We offer online practice sessions so you can do that from the comfort of your home.

These are live group practice sessions which take place on Zoom, last 60 minutes, and are facilitated by one of our Certified Facilitators.

Sessions include:

  • Set-up of the container and guidance for the practice
  • Opportunities for choosing (noticing, trusting, valuing, and communicating) and experimenting. You can practice solo, in a pair, or all together, depending on the focus of the session
  • Time for reflection and sharing

Each session has a different focus, so it’s a great way to come back and get a regular refresher of a variety of the somatic practices which you learned when you first learned the Wheel.  A rotating team of facilitators means each time you attend a session you’ll likely learn something new.

These online practice sessions are designed to work without requiring access to another person to touch, but still enable you to practice the core skills which the Wheel teaches you.

Terms & Conditions

Places are non-refundable once purchased.

All practices are fully clothed and non-sexual. By signing up to attend you agree to these Practice Space Agreements. The session facilitation team reserve the right to ask you to leave if they feel you are consistently or deliberately breaking the agreements.

Are you Certified Facilitator who would like to facilitate these events?

All the information you need is in the Certified Facilitator Training course materials - and you know where they are!

Upcoming sessions


Playing With Take/Allow - with Helena De Felice

Date: 24 November 2021

Time: 17.00 - 18.00 US Pacific (Seattle) time. Good for US, Singapore, Australia  Check your local time here.


3 Minute Game - with JoJo Bear

Date: 8 December 2021

Time: 09.00 - 10.00 US Pacific (Seattle) time. Good for US, UK, Europe.  Check your local time here.