2 More on Consent (audio)

A couple more from the files . . .

Consent, Boundaries and Mentoring professionals
~ I am interviewed by Laurie Handler on her WebTalk Radio Show. (about 45 minutes, June 2011)

Consent ~ Consent is more than permission. What’s a request, an offer, an invitation? How the art of consent sets you free. (40 minutes, October 2011) This is a recorded conference call - remember those?

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Like a Pro and the Wheel of Consent (video)

like a pro practitioners Jan 03, 2018

Thank you, Carole, for inviting me, and offering this interview. I look forward to being there!


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The Bossy Massage (video)

I discovered this one somewhat by accident, some years back, and the more I play with it, the more powerful I notice it is. The point of this one is not the ‘massage’. It’s not the touch at all – it’s the process of noticing what it is you (the receiver) want and finding out what it feels like to be absolutely in charge of how you are touched, moment by moment. The receiver cannot be passive and it is extremely difficult to fall into tolerating or going along with something. It can be uncomfortable – and can also be luxurious – or some of both. (40...

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Q&A on the G-spot massage (video)

massage practitioners video Jun 03, 2014

I have a very different view on the G-spot massage than most people.

Recorded at Like a Pro, Oakland, 2014. (11 min.)

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