2 More on Consent (audio)

A couple more from the files . . .

Consent, Boundaries and Mentoring professionals
~ I am interviewed by Laurie Handler on her WebTalk Radio Show. (about 45 minutes, June 2011)

Consent ~ Consent is more than permission. What’s a request, an offer, an invitation? How the art of consent sets you free. (40 minutes, October 2011) This is a recorded conference call - remember those?

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Ongehoord! Some Consent Myths (audio)

audio consent interview Jun 13, 2018

Here’s recent podcast with Marije Janssen – we cover the Wheel, of course, along with trying to define sex, sexuality, consent. Requests, offers and invitations. Also debunking a few consent myths.

The first minute or so is in Dutch. Then the conversation is in English.

Thank you, Marije!

Ongehoord! aflevering 1 – Consent: in gesprek met Betty Martin

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