Sonja Eiger


Paris, London, Worldwide


Sonja has been working in the field of trauma healing since 2014, specializing in children and teenagers recovering from war traumas and adult survivors of rape. She is a rites of passage guide, artist and community facilitator and weaver. Currently she is training to become a Birth and Death Doula.  People appreciate Sonja's clarity, spaciousness, multi-dimensional understanding of human dynamics and the courageous love that she brings into everything she offers.

I am passionate about slowing down and noticing what is here, right now. Listening to my body, to my rhythm in this moment. To my Yes, my Maybe, my No. To my desires and curiosities, to what is actually true for me now.

I also love discovering what is true for me in contact with another human being and what is true for them, so that we together can find that refreshing point of alive, authentic, clear contact, however it may look in that moment. Welcoming the full spectrum of possibilities and practicing to notice and to choose what is aligned right now.

I welcome you to a practice of slowing down, breathing, noticing, CHOOSING, connecting, exploring, playing, feeling, unlearning, remembering. Welcome.

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