Sonja Eiger


Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Worldwide, 



Sonja is a rites of passage guide, creator of Kissing Activism, carrier of council, life witness, community weaver & organiser, Death companion, trauma integration guide, Certified Wheel of Consent Facilitator & Ritual Play facilitator, Couple & Group process guide. She loves listening from their heart & co-creating spaces of choice for exploring authentic, attuned contact & returning to intimacy with ourselves, each other, all life forms & the Earth. 


I am passionate about slowing down and noticing what is here, right now. Listening to my body, to my rhythm in this moment. To my Yes, my Maybe, my No. To my desires and curiosities, to what is actually true for me now.

I love discovering what is true for me in contact with another human being and what is true for them, so that we together can find that refreshing point of alive, authentic, clear contact, however it might look in that moment. Welcoming the full spectrum of possibilities and practicing to notice and to choose what is aligned right now.

I welcome you to a practice of slowing down, breathing, noticing, CHOOSING, connecting, exploring, playing, feeling, unlearning, remembering.

email: [email protected]