Wheel of Consent® Workshop
Facilitator Certification

Facilitate the Wheel of Consent Workshop

The Wheel is expanding! We are thrilled that more people are experimenting with it and adding it to what they are teaching – and – we want to ensure that the core principles of the Wheel are preserved. We need a home base of facilitators who really ‘get’ the Wheel and are teaching it well.

To this end, we have created a 2 to 3 day workshop, called The Wheel of Consent® Workshop.

About the Workshop

  • For the general public and keeps the Wheel clear and complete.
  • Focuses on the Wheel as a whole, as opposed to, say, a focus on intimacy or sex.
  • Helps people experience the Quadrants in a dependable way.
  • Covers the basics plus a few other activities that are optional.
  • Does not replace Like a Pro. It includes none of the parts for practitioners.
  • Many of you are already teaching a similar workshop. What we are trying to do is ensure that the Wheel has a ‘home base’ that can be counted on and can continue.

About Teaching the Workshop

  • In order to keep the Workshop fairly standard and to protect the Wheel, we are asking the people who want to teach it to learn how and to become certified.
  • In order to use ‘Wheel of Consent®’ in the workshop title, you must be certified. You can, of course, include the Wheel in whatever you are teaching – just call the workshop something else.

For Professionals

Like a Pro
Working with Groups
Facilitator Certification

About the Training

  • Attendance is by application and interview.
  • In order to apply, you must have completed Like a Pro - either in person or online - OR 3 Wheel of Consent Workshops with a Certified Facilitator and have their recommendation
  • And Working with Groups (formerly Teaching the Wheel in Groups)
  • Taught by Betty Martin, Robyn Dalzen, Michael Dresser, and other Certified Facilitators.
  • 8 weekly Zoom calls, written and video resources and homework. About 3 hours a week on the call and 1 to 2 hours on the homework.
  • As part of the training, you will practice-present a part of the workshop curriculum.
  • Receive ongoing support and mentoring while facilitating your workshops.

Before you apply

  • Before you apply, you need to:
    • Complete Like a Pro OR complete 3 Wheel of Consent Workshops with a Certified Facilitator and have their recommendation
    • Complete Working with Groups.
    • Have some experience leading groups, including events of at least a day in length.
    • If you don't have this experience, we recommend you start by taking Working with Groups, gain the basic skills, and start with shorter events, gradually working your way up to more complex or longer events.
  • All calls are recorded for your review. Recordings will be accessible to all students of Facilitator Certification, including current and past cohorts.
  • For opportunities to network, you will be included in a list of all Facilitator Certification students, accessible only to you and your fellow students.

To Certify

  • Complete the Wheel of Consent Facilitator Training.
  • Facilitate practice events and report back on what you are learning.
  • Demonstrate competency in the following:
    • Have the Wheel somatically (you have it in your body).
    • Understand the theory so you can present it simply and systematically.
    • Be able to hold space for a group's experience.
  • Completing the online course does not guarantee certification. Certification comes with actual experience facilitating the workshop. For some with facilitation experience, this will be fairly quickly; for others with little experience, it will take a number of workshops to gain the skills. You will be asked to facilitate as many events as it takes for us to feel confident that you can facilitate this workshop to our standards. We will be coaching you and supporting you.
  • Once Betty and Robyn are confident you have the material and the skill to hold the group container, and all course requirements are met, you will be Certified.
  • Participate in monthly group supervision calls.
  • You must join at least 6 calls per year to keep your certification active.

What you get

  • You are welcome to offer as many Wheel of Consent Workshops as you like.
  • You keep all the proceeds of the courses you teach.
  • You will be listed as a Certified Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitator here on the School of Consent website and your workshops listed on the Calendar.
  • Be part of a community of Certified Facilitators with group learning and support.
  • Monthly group supervision calls with Betty, Robyn, or Michael on the first Monday of each month (join any call):
    • 8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London
    • Noon Seattle / 3 pm New York / 8 pm London / 7 am Sydney the following day
    • 5 pm Seattle / 8 pm New York / 10 am Sydney the following day
    • You must join at least 6 calls per year to keep your certification active.
    • These calls are recorded and archived on the networking platform for all Certified and In-training Facilitators. They are a valuable resource for questions, insights and support.


  • Start with Working with Groups, which starts in June. Applications open March 1.
  • Dates for 2023 Facilitator Certification have not been set yet.


  • $1300
  • If you prefer to make two payments, you can do that with two payments of $700 each. One due when you register and the second due before class starts (total $1400)
  • Plus a subscription to the School of Consent Community of $300/yr. This covers your listing on this website and all the monthly group calls. (We don’t start charging for that until 3 months after the course.)
  • Life happens! Cancellation policy is here.


  • Applications will open again once we set dates for 2022.

We love our community of facilitators and look forward to bringing more on board!