Like a Pro:
The Wheel of Consent for Professionals

In-person or online

Like a Pro brings the transformative model of the Wheel of Consent to professionals working with topics of consent, boundaries, relational intimacy, body sovereignty, trauma recovery, sexuality, communication, and touch. Originally developed for touch practitioners, the course has, by popular demand, expanded to include non-touch professionals like therapists, coaches, teachers, and workshop leaders.

Like a Pro guides you into a personal somatic experience of The Wheel, and then teaches you how to integrate it into your practice, to make all your sessions safe, effective, and satisfying.

Like A Pro courses are taught by certified faculty from The School of Consent, who have been trained by Dr. Betty Martin.

What folks are saying

Like a Pro was an eye-opener, both professionally and privately. I knew the Wheel of Consent from before, but experiencing it like this and sharing the journey gave a much deeper understanding - and a lot of inspiration. It's the best I have done for myself and my business in a very long time.

Like A Pro is a must for anyone working in social care and wellbeing. This course is firm in its gentleness, nuanced in its simplicity and the teachers are both highly skilled and approachable. I loved it, learned heaps about (my own and others) autonomy, desires and daring to ask for what you want. I look forward to integrating it further in my work with couples!

My life started transforming one day into this training. Personal insights poured in, I started asking more clearly for what I wanted and asking others for more clarity in their requests. As the days went on, I started seeing how every aspect of my life and work could benefit from what I was learning.

About Like A Pro

Like a Pro Faculty

Our hand-picked team, trained by Dr. Betty Martin, delivers this workshop around the world



For BIPOC folks and those who are part of, or working with, marginalized communities, or in depressed economies


2024 Schedule


Additional courses are added here 6 months ahead, as they are confirmed - please check back regularly, or sign up for updates


North America

April 15 - 19: Atlanta, GABIPOC only, with Max Pearl, Carmen Leilani and Betty Martin. (Followed by 2 days of in-person WWGWhy a BIPOC-only class? - Course is full. You may apply to be on the waitlist. 

May 29 - June 2: Oakland, CA, Katie Spataro and Marcia Baczynski. Applications open.

September 11-15: Asheville, NC, with Robyn Dalzen and Carmen Leilani  . Applications open June 1.

October 16-20: Seattle, WA. More information available April 1. Applications open July 1. 



May 10 - 14: Paris, France, with Puma Hoflich and Michael Dresser. - Course Cancelled.

May 20 - May 24: Aberdeen, Scotland, with Michael Dresser and Puma Hoflich. Applications open. (Due to unforeseen circumstances we have moved the location from Dublin to Aberdeen.)

September 15-20: Bilbao, Spain, with Betty Martin and Puma Hoflich. Residential training at Amalurra Retreat Center.  Applications open June 1. 

September 27 - October 1. Brighton, UK, with Betty Martin and Max PearlApplications open June 1.

December 5-9. Berlin, Germany. More information available June 1. Applications open July 1.


Australia/New Zealand 

No additional courses planned in 2024

When Betty is on the teaching team


When Betty is on the teaching team, two things change:

1) We reserve 30% of spaces for BIPOC folks, at a sliding scale rate. At one month out from class, if there are not enough BIPOC folks to fill that number (7) we will open the remaining spaces to all (in order of the date of their application).

2) Cost is $2200 (instead of $1800 for other teachers). Betty is transitioning to semi-retirement and is teaching less now, so the fees reflect this. Anything you pay over $1800 will go into the scholarship fund.



  • Non-refundable application fee of $50, then:
  • Classes taught by Dr. Betty Martin $2200 
  • Classes taught by other faculty $1800 
  • Classes held in Australia and New Zealand: $1700
  •  Work-study (Help with set up and clean up. You won't miss any class time.) $200 off the cost

RETURNING STUDENTS (already taken Like a Pro):

  • Half cost ($1100 or $900, respectively)

Purchase of Betty's book, The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent, is required for the online course (and highly recommended for the in-person course). $24 US to be purchased on your own.

Life happens! Cancellation policy here.

All prices are in USD and the application fee of $50 is not refundable.

Scholarships are available for BIPOC folks and those who are part of, or are working with, marginalized communities, or in depressed economies. Make a note on your application. Learn more about scholarship options here 


Please apply at least 6 weeks before the event.

If you're taking Like a Pro for the first time


1) Read the group agreements.

2) Fill out the application linked below.

3) Pay the $50 registration fee.

4) You will be sent a link to book a call with us to make sure we are a good fit.

5) If we are a good fit, you're in. We'll give you the link to make your payment. (If we are not a good fit, we will refund your application fee.)

6) If we are full, you'll be added to a waitlist.



If you want to take Like a Pro again


We have room for 3 half-cost returning students in each class. However some courses may be full for this discount.

Please contact us at [email protected] and tell us:

  • Where and when you took Like A Pro
  • Which location you’d like to attend

An interview about Like a Pro, with Carole Verbeeck:

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