Co-ordinating Team

As the Wheel continues to grow and expand, so does the School! Here are the folks who currently help keep everything up and running: 

Betty Martin

Co-Founder and Co-ordinating Team Member

Seattle WA ~ Dr. Betty Martin is developer of the Wheel of Consent. She has her hands on people professionally for over 30 years and conceived of the Wheel through these touch interactions. She is a former Chiropractor, and is currently a sex and touch coach in Seattle. She’s also a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and trainer. Through her professional course, Like a Pro, she mentors and coaches other hands-on professionals in assessment tools, boundary and communication skills and how to make their sessions safe, effective and satisfying. 

Robyn Dalzen

Co-Founder and Co-ordinating Team Member

Global Nomad ~ Robyn is a transformational leadership and empowerment coach and facilitator. She helps individuals and couples find their way back to their authentic truth by connecting to the body and integrating sensuality and sexuality. Robyn‚Äôs desire is for individuals to feel empowered in all areas of life and love ‚Äď to be able to identify, value and ask for what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom. Robyn holds degrees in Anthropology, Communications and Sustainable International Development and a certificate in Transformational Leadership Coaching.¬†¬†

Michael Dresser

Co-ordinating Team Member

UK ~ Michael Dresser is a queer Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Certified Wheel Of Consent workshop facilitator. He offers Wheel Of Consent coaching for everyone, and practical, hands-on pleasure and intimacy coaching for men who want to learn, experience and practice body to body with another man. He has a background in the arts, design and administration.

Max Pearl

Facilitator Community Manager

Northern California, USA ~ Maxwell Pearl has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and a Certificate of Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion. Max is a long-time practitioner of contemplative spirituality, both in Buddhist and Christian traditions. He has studied embodiment modalities including Tantra and Authentic Movement. he has been teaching contemplative practices since 2005, and currently teaches and coaches individuals and groups on emotional awareness, self-love, embodiment, and consent. He is also a multi-genre writer and blogger.


Karryn Olson

Operations and Finance Manager (part time)

Nomad ~ I have a business coaching "entrepreneurs who are allergic to usual", and discovering the Wheel and participating in Like A Pro illuminated in new ways the many dynamics in biz that can feel gross - and embodied ways to shift them. Systematisation, growth, and transitions of businessess are all in my wheelhouse, and when I joined the School of Consent in my part-time position, it was because I am enthusiastic to use those skills in service to this organization I admire. If things are running smoothly, you probably won't connect with me, because most of my role here happens behind the scenes so that our faculty can minimize administrative duties and maximize time to tend their deeply transformative work with you.

Mara Heppen

Administrator (part time)


Carmen Leilani de Jesus


Sebastopol, CA ~ Carmen has been working with Betty Martin since 2013 to bring together the Wheel of Consent community and share this work globally. With certifications in hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming, executive coaching and corporate experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations and operations, Carmen infuses a consent-based, regenerative approach to clients she coaches 1:1, as well as the programs she offers to organizations and universities. Instagram: @consentisapractice

Our faculty and facilitators

are an international collective of body workers, coaches, trainers, facilitators, and leaders who are passionate about personal and collective development, growth, consciousness and social evolution. 

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