Our Team

We are an international collective of body workers, coaches, trainers, facilitators, and leaders who are passionate about personal and collective development, growth, consciousness and social evolution.

Betty Martin

Seattle WA ~ Dr. Betty Martin is developer of the Wheel of Consent. She has her hands on people professionally for over 30 years and conceived of the Wheel through these touch interactions. She is a former Chiropractor, and is currently a sex and touch coach in Seattle. She’s also a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and trainer. Through her professional course, Like a Pro, she mentors and coaches other hands-on professionals in assessment tools, boundary and communication skills and how to make their sessions safe, effective and satisfying. For more information, visit www.bettymartin.org. Contact: [email protected]

Robyn Dalzen

Global Nomad ~ Robyn is a transformational leadership and empowerment coach and facilitator. She helps individuals and couples find their way back to their authentic truth by connecting to the body and integrating sensuality and sexuality. Robyn’s desire is for individuals to feel empowered in all areas of life and love – to be able to identify, value and ask for what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom. Robyn holds degrees in Anthropology, Communications and Sustainable International Development and a certificate in Transformational Leadership Coaching. For more information, visit www.robyndalzen.com. Contact: [email protected]

Carmen Leilani

San Rafael CA ~

Carmen has been working with Betty and the Wheel of Consent since she attended her first Like A Pro in 2013. A hypnotherapist, multi-disciplinary artist, diviner/healer, marketing strategist and experienced Start-up Operations/Wearer of Many Hats, Carmen’s interests lie in the intersection of Embodiment, Consent, Boundaries, Decolonization, Somatics and Social Justice. She counsels and advises organizations and individuals in creating clear agreements, understanding and implementing consent as a practice that supports diversity, equity and inclusion, and navigating boundaries as a pathway to self-knowledge and sovereignty.

Contact: [email protected]

Michael Dresser

Scotland and London, UK ~ Michael has a background in coaching and Certified Sexological Bodywork, and provides safe, gentle, and engaging environments. Choice and the needs of the individual are at the centre of each learning experience he facilitates, whether in a group, a partnership, or with an individual. Based near the Scottish Highlands, he offer workshops throughout the UK, and one-to-one coaching in Scotland and London. www.michaeldresser.co.uk

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