Like A Pro Faculty

As more and more professionals discover the Wheel and want to bring it into their work, Betty Martin has invited other teachers alongside her to deliver the workshop Like A Pro - The Wheel Of Consent For Professionals all over the world!

The Like A Pro Faculty is a hand-picked team of Trainers, all of whom are already Certified Wheel Of Consent Workshop Facilitators, and who have taken additional training and apprenticeship with Betty to be able to deliver Like A Pro to the highest professional standards.

All our Faculty have many years experience embodying and teaching the Wheel as an integral part of their own life and work, and each of them brings a unique and diverse lens to the teaching.

They all continue to receive ongoing supervision, training and support from Betty to teach this class.

So even if Betty is not able to personally be at the workshop you attend, you can feel confident that the trainers you work with have been wholeheartedly endorsed by her, and bring their own professional experience to add depth and richness to what you can learn from the material.

Meet the Faculty

Betty Martin

Lead Trainer

Seattle WA, USA

Robyn Dalzen

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Carmen Leilani

Sebastopol, California, USA

Corinne Diachuk


Victoria BC, Canada

Katie Spataro

Seattle WA, USA

Marcia Baczynski


Oakland CA, USA

Max Pearl

Northern California, USA

Michael Dresser


Scotland, UK

Puma Höflich


Berlin, Germany

 Sasha Lasdon


Madison WI, USA

Stella Topaz


Wollongong & Sydney, Australia