Wheel of Consent® Workshops

These workshops use the official curriculum developed by the teaching team at the School of Consent and are taught by Certified Wheel of Consent Facilitators and facilitators in training.

Wheel of Consent Practice group, with Michael Dresser
June 13, Online

Wheel of Consent Introduction - Das 3-Minutenspiel - in German, with Steffi Munz
June 18, Online

Wheel of Consent Workshop, with River Roaring
June 18-20, in person, Austin TX

Wheel of Consent Practice group, with Robyn Dalzen
June 27, Online

The Wheel of Consent Workshop auf deutsch, with Steffi Munz
July 10-11, in person, Heidelberg, Germany

Wheel of Consent Workshop, six-week series with Robyn Dalzen & Helena de Felice
Aug 8 - Sept 12, Online

Wheel of Consent Workshop, with River Roaring
Aug 20-22, in person, Austin TX

Wheel of Consent Workshop - in Dutch, with Marielle Spronck
Aug 20-22, in person, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Wheel of Consent Workshop, with Katie Spataro and Corinne Diachuk
Sept 29 - Oct 1, Online

Wheel of Consent Workshop, with Katie Spataro and Corinne Diachuk
Dec 1-3, Online

Other Events

Erotica Film Festival, (Betty is presenting a talk)
June 10-14, Online

One World Tantra Festival (Betty is presenting a workshop)
June 11-18, Online

Virtual Cuddle Party, with several Certified Facilitators
June 13 and many other dates, online and in person

Men's Summer Erotic Sangha, with Body Electric School
June 16 - Aug 4, Online

Eros, Ceremony, and Belonging, with the Verdant Collective
June 17-18, Boulder CO, in person

ConsentFest, with Consent Academy, Betty presenting
June 18, Online

Women's Erotic Temple, with Body Electric School
June 20, Online

How to Ask for What You Want - with Radical Honesty trainers
June 24, Online, free

Soma-cultural Liberation, with Dr Roger Kuhn
June 27, Online

Sexual Awakening for Women, with the Shakti Shiva Academy
Starts July

Introduction to Power Dynamics, for all genders, with Body Electric School
July 13 - Aug 3, Online

Assume the Eco-sexual Position: The Earth as Lover, with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens
July 25, Online

Ritual Play Practitioner Training, with Marina Kronquist
August 6-11, Finland, in person

Celebrating the Body Erotic, with Body Electric School
Beginning August, with several dates and locations

The Secret Key to Tantra: The Mystical Marriage Within, with Swami Ravi (Rudy Ballentine)
August 22, Online

Decolonize your Orgasm, with the Verdant Collective
Sept 17-19, Online


Like a Pro


Our new Online Like a Pro is offered in 2 parts. Take Part 1 and either or both of the Part 2 options. Registration opens July 1.

Dates: We are currently working out whether to offer this course on Wednesdays or Tuesdays, depending on availability of our teachers.

Tentatively it's:

Part 1: Foundations: Sept 15, 18, 22, 25, 29, Oct 1

Part 2 - Track 1: Working with Clients: Oct 6, 9, 13, 16

Part 2 - Track 2: Working with Groups: Oct 20, 23, 27, 30


Seattle, October 20-24. Registration opens July 1.

The in-person Like a Pro (the original!) includes Part 1, Foundations, and Part 2, Track 1, Working with Clients.


For Like a Pro Graduates

Monthly Salon: For those who have completed Like A Pro, an open forum to check in, compare notes, brainstorm ideas. Free. Second Mondays of each month.


Book Release

Betty's book: The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent is here! Sign up for a free chapter and find more details about where to buy it here: