Puma Höflich

Berlin, Germany and Beyond

Puma Höflich is a white, queer and gender fluid bodyworker in their fifties, based in Berlin. The core of their work is to connect people, first to themselves, to beloved ones, to (chosen) family and to the community. They use different tools, like Shiatsu, Qigong, somatic coaching and trauma-sensitive practices. They are totally thrilled about the Wheel of consent and bring it into all their 1:1 sessions and into their workshops. Their superpower is humour and laughter:)). They love gardening and being with a little human that teaches them a lot about consent and boundaries.
Pumas pronouns are they/them or he/him.

Website: www.magictouch-radicalconsent.com

Instagram: magictouch_radicalconsent