Remember teleclasses? Back before Zoom?

Here are a few recordings that might interest you, especially as a practitioner.

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3 Calls on Consent

Beyond the Basics, for practitioners (March and April, 2015). This is one long lesson, but in 3 parts.

Call 1 – Never ask permission – and what your client needs you to ask instead.

Everyone thinks permission is the cat’s meow. But permission is only one kind of consent – and very often, it’s the wrong kind. (1 hour)

Call 2 – Why your technique is not the key (and what is)

When you think your modality, or activity, is what counts, you miss the most important part. True in sex, true in practitioner settings. (1 hour)

Call 3 – Creating Spaciousness – or – So, what do you do instead?

Ok then, so what do you do instead? (70 min)

And some others -

Sex work, healing work ~ What is the intersection of sex work and healing work? And what are they, anyway? (1 hour, May 2011)

Facilitating Groups ~ 4 steps to facilitating awesome, powerful, transformative groups and workshops. With Marcia Baczynski. (75 minutes, with some great questions at the end, June 2011)

Facilitating with Ease and Joy ~ group facilitation, continued. I talk with Len Daley, one of my co-facilitators for Foundations of Facilitation, about making your facilitating, well, easy and joyful.

Consent, Boundaries and Mentoring professionals ~ I am interviewed by Laurie Handler on her WebTalk Radio Show. (about 45 minutes, June 2011)

One Way Touch ~ How it works, how to love it, why it feeds you. What you need to know as a professional. This was at the request of a few Sexological Bodyworkers. (45 minutes, includes questions at the end, July 2011)

Sacred Sexuality ~ What’s the fuss? How and why it can be helpful and how it might not be. And what is it anyway? (1 hour, August 2011)

Receiving and Giving ~ Each of these feeds our hearts in a different way – but only if we can tell the difference. ( 1 hour, August 2011)

Consent ~ Consent is more than permission. What’s a request, an offer, an invitation? How the art of consent sets you free. (40 minutes, October 2011)

And here’s one from my friend Marcia Baczynski –
‘Getting to F**k Yeah!’



Thank you for the teleclass! It covered some very important concepts and helped clarify a few things for me, big time. – S.M.

Sharing with you here my gratitude and excitement after listening to your first talk. I am so excited with what you have articulated which is deeply in my practice but I hadn’t worded it with such clarity – Katie

Articles and Video for Practitioners

(These are the same ones found on the Professionals  page)

Sharing the Wheel of Consent

What you can share and what I ask you do and not do. Thank you!

A Tree of Options – what to offer your clients (video)

Offer your clients what they have the skills for.

Principles of Empowerment in Hands-on Session Work (video)

Support your client to become more empowered.

Learning You Have a Choice (video)

A practice to help your client learn they have a choice about what happens.

Notes on Teaching the Wheel (video)

What helps when trying to teach the Wheel of Consent

Q&A on the G-spot massage (video)

I have a very different take on the G-spot massage.

The Bossy Massage (video)

Nothing happens until you ask for and you get to direct what happens!