Zhanna Lee

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coach | Certified Tantra Educator| Yoga Teacher | Reiki Master

Zhanna is a coach, educator, and healer who supports couples and individuals in deepening their intimacy and exploring their sexuality using an approach combining aspects of mindfulness and Tantra. Merging and embracing physicality and spirituality and creating a pleasurable and empowering mind-body-spirit connection first with yourself and then with others have been her life-long passion, that blossomed into a holistic intimacy coaching practice in 2017. 
Drawing from her experiences in romantic relationships, and her experiences of integrating into new cultures, she especially loves working with clients and students from different personal, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Zhanna creates a safe and healing space for people to discover and communicate their true desires, asking for what they want, and sharing their gifts in a way that is healthy and pleasurable for both partners. Zhanna integrates her training with the School of Consent, into her work with couples, and loves finding ways to incorporate The Wheel of Consent into her sessions and workshops.

email: [email protected]

website: www.deliciousexpansion.com