Adam Paulman

Facilitator in Training

San Diego CA, USA

Adam Paulman has been a facilitator of workshops, trainings, festivals and multi-day events for over 40 years. He is fascinated by group dynamics and the elements that support cohesion and purpose. He is a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and trainer as well as a member of the Cuddle Party board of directors. Adam studied NVC with Marshall Rosenberg and is a ZEGG forum facilitator as well as a veteran of 20 years in public school. It is his greatest joy to assist others to achieve what they didn’t know was possible.

The Wheel of Consent is nothing less than revolutionary. It is an affirmation of the sovereignty of the individual in our relations with others. I am proud to be a facilitator in training for this work.

Adam has degrees in Mathematics and Multi-cultural education. San Diego is home, but Adam loves to travel. When he is not facilitating workshops, he likes to spend time with his children, and grandchildren, and play bass guitar.

[email protected]