Katie Sarra

Lisbon, Portugal

I am currently practice as an Artist, Embodiment Therapist, Art Psychotherapist, Somatic Sex Educator, Playback Theatre Performer and co-founder of the Sea School of Embodiment teaching the UK Certified Sexological Bodywork Training, Trauma Training and Consensual Touch Trainings. The Wheel of Consent is foundational in my practice working with people learning to open the senses to feel more and fear less, restoring naturalness, integration, relaxation, kindness, purpose and agency with life decisions.  I also support practitioners with supervision and work with people in intimate and professional relationships seeking mediation. I have over thirty years experience as a therapist and artist with trainings in many modalities including Acute Psychiatry, Art Education, Neuroscience, Psychoanalysis, NLP, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality and continue to be a student learning! www.katiesarra.com,  www.seaschoolofembodiment.com