Sian Johnson


Yorkshire, UK

I first came across The Wheel of Consent in 2018 and it changed not just the way I work in my practice as a masseuse and sex coach, The Wheel transformed the way I show up in all of my relationships. I love this model as a way, not just to enhance relationships and create more understanding and grace between folks, I believe in the positive impact of The Wheel in the wider world. I run events in the North of England, occasionally online and am open to invitations to serve at festivals, trainings and events.

I take a down to earth, participant led approach to teaching and engagement. As a white, native English-speaking woman, I am working with my blind spots of my heritage and privilege and proactively welcome all participants who are often or traditionally underrepresented in workshop spaces. I also identify as neurodiverse and queer.


Website: Sian Johnson