Like a Pro Application

Welcome to Like a Pro!

Step 1. Read the group guidelines, and the public health protocols. (please note: both of these are regularly kept up to date and revised)

Step 2. Fill this form out.

Step 3. Pay the $50 application fee..

Step 4. You will be sent an email to set a time for a short conversation.

Step 5. Schedule your conversation. If we are a good fit, you're in and your application fee counts toward your course fee. We will tell you how to make the rest of your payment. (If for some reason we are not a good fit, we will refund your application fee right away.)

Step 6: If we are full, you will be added to the waitlist.

Scholarship process: We do our best to spread our limited scholarship funds to as many people as we can. We hold all scholarship requests until a set date and then put them all together and see how we can do that. So it might be a couple weeks before we can get back to you on how we can meet your need.

Are you a returning Like a Pro student? You don't need this application. Go HERE instead.

This information will be read by Betty, Robyn, and the admin and teaching staff. If there is something you would like to say to Betty or Robyn privately, please email them at [email protected], or [email protected], respectively. Thank you and we look forward to meeting.

Each course opens for applications about 3-4 months prior. That's why not all courses are listed here on the application. You can see when your preferred course opens by returning to the previous page.