Sessions and Coaching

We support people of all sexual orientations and genders to find the relaxed, confident, joyful sensuality that is their nature.

Our culture is highly confused about pleasure, sexuality, affection and touch.

There are a few keys, however, that open the door for you to find what is authentically you, what expresses who you are and how you love.

They are fairly simple and are based on tuned-in self-awareness and knowing how to choose, communicate, receive and give. These sound like basics, and they are, but they are rarely taught well and hide behind a mountain of misconceptions and fallacies.

Because they are fundamental, they are profound in their effect on your sense of ease, freedom, sensuality, joy and connection. Without you knowing how to choose and communicate, your body cannot relax into pleasure, no matter how hard ‘you’ try. It’s as simple, and as challenging, as that.

You are the well-spring of your own eroticism. It arises from the deep well of your human heart/soul/body. When you tap into your sensuality, sexuality and desire and know how to choose and communicate, life changes. Not only your sex life, but the rest of your life as well.

A coaching session is for people who:

  • Want more ease and sense of play in their affection, touch and sex
  • Want support on a sexual healing journey
  • Want to find a spark in a stale relationship
  • Want support in understanding and exploring desires they’re not quite sure about
  • Want some warm, safe connection, holding, cuddling and exploring
  • Want to learn how to take plain old, reasonably ok sex into profoundly ecstatic experiences
  • Want to open the power of Eros to heal, empower, transform and enlighten
  • Want a safe and comfortable place to talk about sex, ask questions and be heard

We do not certify practitioners, however we can usually help you find someone in your area. You can also see the Certified Facilitators; most of them are also practitioners.

You might prefer to learn at a workshop: The Wheel of Consent Workshop.