Wheel of Consent® Videos

This page is a gift to you.

Over the last dozen years, Dr. Betty Martin, working hands-on with hundreds of clients, noticed some surprising things about receiving and giving. Out of this she developed a model called the Wheel of Consent.

Because her book was taking so long, she sat down one day to make some videos for all the folks who were asking about it and wanted to use it and share it -- and ended up with 7 hours or so.

You might enjoy the ideas - but it's the experience of it that will change you. When your hands get it, you get it. 

On this website there are a number of other free ways to learn about the Wheel of Consent.

We hope you have a great time playing with it.


The Lessons

The Wheel of Consent

The Quadrants ~ themes, challenges, possibilities, erotic elements, spiritual principles and shadows of each:


BONUS! A nice long conversation with Harry Faddis, who invented the 3-Minute Game.